Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Your Focus Makes the Difference!

I have a thread on The Bolter and Chainsword forum with my Wolf Lord on and this threads discussion led me to thinking yet again about the upcoming event and its teachings but figured I will also share with you guys cos I luv yers x x

this is what I wrote on the thread;

" apologies I can be a turd sometimes!

For the armour i just airbrushed on a 1 stage highlight. 10 mins work
then line hilighted one step higher every whwere else. 5 mins

the shading is pretty much the same application idea but in a different colour in a different area.

the wolf pelt is just washed down from light to dark. no secret technique or any thing just layer in the appropriate area and let it dry getting darker and closer to the center as you repeat.
the goldy and steel and bone colors are - base, wash, re base leaving dark areas, single highlight

plus there are lots of areas either not shaded or not highlighted

I did pay most of my attention to the conversion admittedly
and I went to a greater quality on the cloak, banner front, and face because a character model derves it.

What I teach all the guys that work in the studio is that It takes just as long to paint a bad line in the a bad place than it does to paint a good line in a good place. the true difference between the two is self awareness and practice (or lack of) And in most cases with a bad line in a bad place you spend even more time farting about correcting or just getting frustrated and giving up.

In a professional studio this positive attitude is essential because it is economical or in other words less time spent, less money spent, a greater end result.

Aw I wish we could all get together and I'll show you all!

again apologies for being a douche "

Food for thought? Write your thoughts below


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